Unlimited Potential Mentoring Program

The Unlimited Potential Program is a mentoring program developed by Voices for Children, Inc. to empower current and former foster youth ages 16 to 25 to reach their full potential through education, individualized support, and integration with community members and community resources.

There are several components of UP that make it work so well:

  • Social Events: Fun events that expose you to new opportunities and provide the opportunity to have fun and connect with each other.
  • Monthly Get-Togethers: Free meals with other mentees and mentors. These get-togethers can range from game nights to movie discussions to hearing a short presentation on a pertinent topic.
  • Individualized Mentoring: You will be matched with a mentor based on connections built at UP events. After being matched, we ask that you spend time with your mentor at least twice a month up to a year - though more time is welcomed, too.

Why would you want to do UP?
  • You will have a committed, positive adult mentor who is committed to spending time with you.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with other young adults who have the common thread of an experience in foster care.
  • You will have FUN! We love spending time together doing fun things - from fun social events like airplane day, to a relay marathon, or a game night.
  • UP is a bridge to other community resources that are beneficial for you.
  • You will have the resume-building leadership and service opportunities to give back to the community.
Join UP


  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 25.
  • Must have spent time in DFPS foster care.
  • Must be planning to remain in the Bryan College Station area for a minimum of 6 months upon entering the program.
  • Must desire to be involved in the program.
  • Must respond to communication efforts by mentors and program staff.
  • Must be willing to abide by program rules.
  • Note: Any criminal history will also be considered as it pertains to potential risk to program staff, volunteers or program participants.
How do I join?
Reach Out to UP: Fill out the Referral Form below or contact the UP Program Coordinator, Joyce Carter, by email or at 979-822-9700.

Interview: We'll contact you and schedule an interview to get to know you better.

Invitation to Join UP: Qualified applicants will be invited to join the UP program. 
Youth Referral Form

Referral Guidelines

1. To refer a potential program candidate, please complete this form and submit.

2. Please notify the youth that you have referred them to our program.

3. You may be contacted for further information.

4.Youth may refer themselves to the program using this same form.

5. Youth must currently reside in Brazos, Grimes, or Burleson County.

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 Youth Information 

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